Middle East Petroleum Pipeline

The pipeline bureau of the Middle East company in the Iraqi market reported another success. The pipeline bureau won the bidding for the 42-inch crude oil pipeline project from the west qurna-1 oilfield of the Iraqi national petroleum engineering construction company (hereinafter referred to as SCOP) to the tuba tank field.The project was reviewed by the Iraqi oil ministry and approved by the Iraqi prime minister haider al-abadi. It is a new market breakthrough achieved by the pipeline administration in the face of the continuous decline of investment and construction in the Middle East market.
The pipeline is about 80 kilometers long.After completion, the project will replace the old pipeline in west qurna-1 oilfield, solve the bottleneck problem of crude oil transportation, and increase the crude oil transportation volume.The pipeline bureau will undertake the detailed design of the project, the procurement of a full line of permanent equipment and materials (including the main pipe for the crossing section and the main valve);1.8km horizontal directional drilling across, hot hole operation, optical cable laying, valve room, reception and service station installation and construction and other tasks.The project is scheduled to last for 12 months, and the project is implemented by the majinouen natural gas pipeline project department of pipeline administration.