Santiago Civil Fluid Pipeline

The task of San Diego water supply project is to supply water for cities and residential areas, and to ensure the requirements of water quantity, water quality and water pressure of the above-mentioned users, and at the same time to undertake the fire fighting task of the water area.San Diego water supply project is in accordance with the water quality standards, and the use of economic and reasonable distribution methods, transport to various users.The composition of water supply engineering can be divided into three parts :(1) water intake engineering is the choice of water sources and the right way to collect natural water and its structures;(2) water purification projects adopt various water treatment methods and structures under different raw water quality and water quality requirements of different users;(3) water transmission and distribution project is how to transfer water from the treatment site to various users under economic, safe and reliable conditions.San Diego water supply project plays an important role in the construction and development of local industry and agriculture, improving people's material and cultural life, and protecting health and safety.